Xpozes wanna join the GUILD ;P

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Xpozes wanna join the GUILD ;P

Post  Xpozes on Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:38 pm

About yourself

* Real name: Sebastian

* Age: 14 year old

* From: Denmark

* Do you speak English at a reasonable level? Be honest... Yeah, understand almost everything, can also speak it. ;D

About your character

* Character name : Xpozes

* Any other level 70 characters on Bloodfeather : not yet, working on a Warlock

* Class: Warrior (spec; /11/5/45\ ;P 15.6k hp 15.6k armor 499 def

* What is your characters level? 70 ofc

* What is your characters race? it's an Tauren

* What proffessions do you have, what level, and why? Im Enchanting, level 290, i choose enchant so i could enchant my gear, so i could be better ;D

* Days/hours you can raid: (i.e. mon-fri 18:00 - 00:00 etc) All day clock; 19.00-22.00. Friday-Saturday clock; 19.00 to when we are done ;P

* ./Played: 20 days 9 hours

* How far into each end-game instance have you been with your CURRENT character? And how far with alternative characters? Please keep the answers seperated.
Karazhan - Cleared.
Grull's Lair - Cleared.
Zul'aman - almost cleared.
Magtheridon´s Lair - Cleared.
Serpentshrine Cavern - 1/6
The Eye - 0/4
MH - 1/5

* All heroic keys?: OFC!

* What are your former guilds? Danes, The Underrated, Purple Pwnage, Filled With Candy and The Gothic Empire

* Tell us a little about those guilds, and why did you left/got kicked from them? i left the by myself. i need a more and better serious raiding guild.

* How would you describe yourself? (a leader, loyal, grinder, annoying, popular, etc) Im a Loyal , friendly and good teammate that allways need more experience xD

* Please tell us about your talent points (why you've picked certain talents above others, why you believe that your spec is better for raiding even if it differs from the 'typical' raiding spec, and how you are specced and if you are willing to respecc for the sake of the guild: Im protection atm, cuz i like raids and 5-mens instances. It's very easy to find group when I'm Protection. Im willing to respec for the guild if needed. I also got full PvE epic dps gear.

* Please paste a link to the armory showing your gear: ... r&n=Xpozes still working on better gear i will be the best

* Last, the most important thing: what made you want to apply to us? What is your goal with World of Warcraft, and how do you think we can help you achieve that goal? Jinxed is an very nice guild... I will join Deadlysilent, because i think they can help me to complete more hard raids, get better gear. and at last Deadlysilent seems to be a nice and serious raiding guild. That's what i want

Best regards Xpozes


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Post  Döden on Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:17 pm

Hello Xpozes.

You've wrote a well application, but you'll need to upgrade your gear abit more.
When you've reached 500+ Defence rating, we will accept you.

Good Luck! // Deadly Mastah

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