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:D application

Post  Greyfist on Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:47 pm

About yourself

16 year old player with social competence, in and out of wow. Devoted raider ad dgrinder, not a repairbill whining mofo etc.

* Real name:

Simon Andersson

* Age:


* From:

Swedish Archiperlago

* Do you speak English at a reasonable level? Be honest...

Yes, studying at an English speaking school with a great grade in english.

About your character

Greyfist, level 70 orc rogue. Known as a friendly and loyal player.

* Character name :


* Any other level 70 characters on Bloodfeather :

No(t yet). I have an upcoming lvl 60 warlock.

* Class:


* What is your characters level?

70, O.

* What is your characters race?

Orc (yeh I know it's funny to be orc rogue, but I happen to be that:P)

* What proffessions do you have, what level, and why?

Skinning and leatherworking, skill 375/371, need just a lil more money to go 375. I picked it as a noob, and just kept lvling it, might be willing to reroll it if needed

* Days/hours you can raid: (i.e. mon-fri 18:00 - 00:00 etc)

Hmm... I can arrange my life a bit around your raiding times It'd be suitable with 4-5 hours between 18.00 and 01.00 every day now, got holiday, might change in september when I start studying again

* ./Played:

38 days and some hours I think, total game time in wow I reckon is 60-70 days.

* How far into each end-game instance have you been with your CURRENT character? And how far with alternative characters? Please keep the answers seperated.

I have done 6/6 SSC and 3/4 TK with this character(Cleared Kara, ZA Gruul and Magy), when I was on Frostmane. I was been very unlucky with my former guild there (<Old Security>), since I raided a lot, but was always out-DKP'ed on items, that's why I dont have any loot from there... then I migrated here, since some friends run a guild called <Care Orchestra> now, but they suck... that was like 3 months ago and I havent got to improve my gear. =(

* All heroic keys?:

Hell yes!

* What are your former guilds?

Frostmane there is <Old Security>, and on Bloodfeather I have been in <Corpse Runners> and <Orbis>, I never got to raid with them since they BOTH fuckign disbanded within 7 days of my joining,... :S

* Tell us a little about those guilds, and why did you left/got kicked from them?
<Old Security> kicked me out of their guild because my gear wasnt fitting their progress, and I whined a little after clearing SSC 2 times with no loot, due to out DKP'ed by all other rogues ( we were 6 in a single raid somehow )... therefore I migrated here to search for a new guild and to play with my IRL m8's

But my 2 decent guilds here both disbanded.

* How would you describe yourself? (a leader, loyal, grinder, annoying, popular, etc)

I am a patient grinder, I have no problem with 100g repair bill in one night etc. Just tell me on forehand what I need for the raid and I will have it ready for the raid! I dont get annoyed if we wipe on new bosses, might be a lil annoyed if we wipe on Akil'zon or other easypeasy bosses. Also I like to think of myself as a loyal player.

* Do you have the necessary addons for raiding installed? if you do, please tell us which ones those are: I have Omen2, KTM, DBM, BigWigs, CT RaidAssist. Group Calendar and GEM as well ( out of raiding ).

* Please tell us about your talent points (why you've picked certain talents above others, why you believe that your spec is better for raiding even if it differs from the 'typical' raiding spec, and how you are specced and if you are willing to respecc for the sake of the guild:

I have the typical 20-41-0 Sword Combat specc Willing to respecc, but not too often

* Please paste a link to the armory showing your gear:
... n=Greyfist

* Last, the most important thing: what made you want to apply to us? What is your goal with World of Warcraft, and how do you think we can help you achieve that goal?

My goal with WoW at the moment is to get as far as I can in end-game progress before Wrath of the Lich King is on. (From what I have read and all that, I feel I wont fancy WLK a lot.), and I'd like to have a laugh on they way

Thank you for reading my apply,

Happy raiding,



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Post  Zephyron on Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:06 am

Thats the most essential apply I have ever seen. I see you're already in the guild, I wish you all the luck.

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